The Casing Measuring Machine is special designed to accurately measure the processed hog casings, sheep casings and/or beef rounds in an easy, efficient, and safe way, without damaging the products. This will result in high yields and reduced worker fatigue. The Casing Measuring Machine is equipped with a special safety-cutting facility to cut casings when needed.
To visualize different counting values, the Casing Measuring Machine is equipped with four digital displays, each with its own functionality:

Display 1
Preset Length: Displays the preset length.
As soon as this measure of length is reached, the machine will stop automatically.

Display 2
Number of Casing/Round-Ends: Displays the measured number of ends per hank/bundle.
Each time a new piece of casing/round is measured, the displayed number will increase by 1.
This counter automatically resets itself to 0 after each hank/bundle.

Display 3
Number of hanks/bundles per caliber measured: This counter will display the number of different measured hanks/ bundles per caliber. This counter manually can be set to 0 prior to a specific caliber to be measured. The display will show the number of measured hanks/bundles of a certain caliber. This counter can be reset manually.

Display 4
Day counter number of processed hanks/bundles: This counter shows the total number of measured hanks/bundles over a one-day shift.
Example in hanks (1 hank is 91.4 meters) : If a total of 50,000 meters of Casings has been measured over a one-day shift, this counter will display 547 (50,000/91.4). This counter can be reset manually.

With this machine it is possible to measure up to 70 hanks Hog or Sheep Casings- or 150 Bundles Beef Rounds per hour.
The Casing Measuring Machine is equipped with a motorized pulling wheel which significantly reduces the operator fatigue in comparison with manual measuring. This will also upgrade the production figures. The measuring can be performed in an easy, efficient, and safe way, without damaging the casings. This will result in higher yields.
The Casing Measuring Machine is manufactured from high quality stainless-steel and other corrosion resistant materials and is supplied with an electric control panel with a stainless-steel cabinet including keyboard, four digital displays, start button and stop button.
Option: An ergonomic worktable, specially designed for this machine, is optionally available. This robust stainless-steel table is specially prepared for placement and safe securing of the Casing Measuring Machine.
This durable and reliable Casing Measuring Machine is easy to use, to clean and to maintain. It has been carefully designed regarding ergonomics, food-safety requirements and CE-safety regulations.

All food process contact surfaces are in accordance with regulation (EC) 1935/2004.